Media Council for self-regulation is an independent self-regulatory body that monitors the print, broadcast and online media. The Council is established in 2012 by 19 print, online and broadcast media.

Main aims of the Council is to develop and promote media self-regulation in Montenegro in order to protect citizens against unethical reporting in the media and raise awareness of the importance of timely and truthful reporting.

To achieve its goal, the Council perform the following activities: monitor the implementation of the Code of Journalists of Montenegro in the media, as a mediator mediates between dissatisfied readers and the media, publishing periodic reports on compliance with ethical and professional standards, promote professional standards in Montenegrin media, determine applications and appeals the work of media and protect the public from unprofessional and manipulative journalistic reporting.

The Council have following bodies: General Assembly, Managing board, Executive secretary and Monitoring and Complaints Commision.

The development of this website was supported by the Council of Europe through the project "Promoting freedom of expression and information and freedom of the media in South-East Europe" financed by Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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