The Press Council of Kosovo (PCK) is the self-regulatory body of the Print Media sector in Kosovo, established by the industry itself on September 20, 2005, with the mandate to assure that its Press Code of Conduct is applied equally and in the best interest of the sector, the wider society and its citizens. Press Council of Kosovo is made of The Board -

comprised of 18 members (daily newspapers, news portals and news agencies) and 3 independent presidency members (a chairperson and two deputy chairpersons) - and The Secretariat with 4 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

During these 8 years of existence with its different activities (conferences, workshops, meetings with journalists, debates, publications, media appearances), the Press Council of Kosovo has gained respect and authority as an educational and advocacy body on media ethics amongst journalists and especially students of journalism. This is also due to the fact that many students visit our small library established last year in our premises.

Press Council of Kosovo has finished its 7th year of being key self-regulatory body of print media in Kosovo, raising the professional bar of journalism and ensuring respect of freedom of speech, free and independent media.

So far Press Council of Kosovo took over 200 decisions on complaints coming from different layers of society including those coming from the office of the President, ministers but also from representatives of international institutions and different organizations as well as from common citizens showing that the PCK has established itself as sole authoritative self-regulation body when its comes to the breach of Code of Conduct amongst print media of Kosovo.

This Council has established a regular annual school of ethics for young journalists and students of journalism, which is widely known and appreciated by all media outlets in Kosovo; Press Council of Kosovo continuously advocates for the respect of media ethics and journalist professionalism with the overall goal to enhance the media sector in Kosovo and in the region.

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