The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia is a self-regulation body composed of journalists, editors, media owners and representatives of the public. It was formally set up in October 2014. It accomplishes its objectives, tasks and activities on the basis of the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Macedonia, the Code of Journalists of Macedonia as

well as other international documents ratified by the country which refer to media freedom, freedom of speech and human rights.

The Council is composed of the following bodies:
-           Assembly
-          Managing Board
-          Supervisory Board
-          Executive Director.

An advisory body works as part of the Council, i.e. the Press Complaints Commission appointed by the Managing Board. It is composed of seven members, out of whom two are representatives of the media owners, two of journalists proposed by the Association of Journalists and three representatives of the public as experts in media, ethics in journalism, media law and other related areas. 

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