Media Council for self-regulation is an independent self-regulatory body that monitors the print, broadcast and online media. The Council is established in 2012 by 19 print, online and broadcast media.

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The Council of Media Ethics of Macedonia is a self-regulation body composed of journalists, editors, media owners and representatives of the public. It was formally set up in October 2014. It accomplishes its objectives, tasks and activities on the basis of the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Macedonia, the Code of Journalists of Macedonia as

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The Press Council of Kosovo (PCK) is the self-regulatory body of the Print Media sector in Kosovo, established by the industry itself on September 20, 2005, with the mandate to assure that its Press Code of Conduct is applied equally and in the best interest of the sector, the wider society and its citizens. Press Council of Kosovo is made of The Board -

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The Press Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) is the unique self-regulatory body for print and online media in BiH. It was founded in 2000 at the level of FBiH, upon initiative of the journalists’ associations in BiH and with the support of the international community.It was re-founded at the level of the entire country in 2006 by 10 biggest news

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The Press Council of Serbiais an independent, self-regulatory body that brings together publishers, owners of print and online media, news agencies and media professionals. It has been established for monitoring the observance of the Journalist’s Code of Ethics, solving complaints made by individuals and institutions related to media content. The Press

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